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Firmware Engineer

Woodbury, NJ 2018-10-12 12:46:15


Summary: The Senior Firmware Engineer (with C and C++) is a hands-on design position engaged in the firmware development and sustaining of products supporting anti-theft and asset management devices in a retail environment. As part of a cross functional team he or she has the responsibility for designing, implementing, testing, and supporting firmware controlling embedded processors in both wired and wireless networks. He or she will apply knowledge of embedded software, communications protocols, basic Job Duties: · Sr. Firmware Engineer is responsible for the development of embedded software system development. Responsible for providing substantive technical assistance in software development projects, including the design, coding, and testing of all embedded software system components. The position reports to the Senior Director of Worldwide Systems Engineering. · Responsibilities include: Specifying, designing, implementing, releasing, and supporting embedded software products for R&D software development department. Participates in embedded design projects from concept to production; Develops utilities, using C/C++, in support of the embedded system development process; · Supervises junior level developers or contract personnel in a senior level design/development role; Leads small interdisciplinary teams in completion of embedded software engineering project. * Writing and executing Engineering / System test plan-cases


Skills: Five (5) years’ experience with C/C++ and embedded real time C. Experience with bare metal embedded programming Experience with 8 &16 bit Microcotrollers; Experience developing boot code power on self-test Knowledge and experience with In-Circuit Emulators and Logic Analyzers, Schematic Understanding and working closely with Hardware team Nice to have Linux/Unix or comparable OS , RTOS experience Experience with product specifications, systems analysis, microprocessor based systems, and firmware design Experience with Microsoft Office applications. Please email your resumes if interested.


Fulltime position No sponsorship available